Know What To Expect When Getting Gum Graft Surgery

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Have you heard that there is nothing that can be done about receding gums once it starts to happen? That is not exactly true these days. While your gums are not going to naturally go back to how they once were, it is possible to fix them with gum graft surgery. Here is what you should expect when getting a gum graft if you need one. 

When Would A Gum Graft be Necessary?

Your dentist will recommend gum graft surgery if the nerves of your teeth are exposed from gum recession and it is causing you discomfort. While it is possible to get gum graft surgery to improve the appearance of your teeth, it is more common to help patients deal with pain and discomfort caused by the receding gums.

Where Is The Graft Taken From?

When you have a skin graft done, it is common to take the skin from another part of your body, such as your back or outer thigh. However, the material for a gum graft needs to come from inside your mouth so it looks and feels natural. The gum graft material is typically taken from the roof of your mouth because it needs to be a living material that will help bring blood supply to the area and help it heal. 

How Does It Feel To Get A Gum Graft?

The actual procedure of getting a gum graft will not cause any pain or discomfort, because your mouth and gums are numbed so that you don't feel anything. There is discomfort after the procedure, however. Some people describe the sensation along the roof of your mouth as badly burning it by eating something really hot, with it taking some time for the roof of your mouth to fully heal. 

The first part of the procedure will involve opening up the gums in places where the graft will be placed. The graft is then taken out of the roof of your mouth fairly quickly because there are arteries in the roof of your mouth that should not be exposed for long. The graft material is then put onto the gums where it is stitched in place. A stint is then applied to the roof of your mouth to protect it from your tongue and when eating. 

Have more questions about getting a gum graft? Make sure to reach out to your dentist for more information. 


13 October 2021

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