Know What To Expect When Getting Gum Graft Surgery

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Have you heard that there is nothing that can be done about receding gums once it starts to happen? That is not exactly true these days. While your gums are not going to naturally go back to how they once were, it is possible to fix them with gum graft surgery. Here is what you should expect when getting a gum graft if you need one.  When Would A Gum Graft be Necessary?

13 October 2021

Answers To Ease Your Mind About Root Canal Procedures

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Dentists recommend root canals to treat teeth that have inflamed and decayed roots. This dental procedure is chosen as an alternative to extractions. It might seem like extractions are not anything to worry about., but missing teeth can negatively impact life. The missing teeth leave behind open space. Without a prosthetic teeth solution, individuals might notice that their remaining teeth shift out of place and become crooked. More than one missing tooth might interfere with individuals chewing their food properly.

3 September 2021

Protecting Your Implants From Failure

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If you recently received dental implants, you may be excited about the new look of your smile. However, you may still be a bit concerned about the longevity of your implants. Dental implants are quite durable and are designed to last a lifetime. However, there are still measures that you should take to help ensure that your implants do not fail. Here are a few of them. Follow the Post-op Instructions From Your Dentist

23 July 2021

Your Child's First Professional Dental Cleaning: What To Expect

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Baby teeth will naturally be lost as adult teeth develop beneath them, dissolving their root system and pushing the baby teeth out of their dental sockets. This process is known as dental exfoliation. Still, just because they're a temporary part of your child's smile, those baby teeth should be diligently cared for (to the same level as permanent, adult teeth). Part of that care means that your child will begin to receive professional teeth cleaning during their dental appointments.

15 June 2021

3 Things To Know About Tooth Bonding

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If you're not satisfied with the way your teeth look, you may want to see a cosmetic dentist. This type of dentist specializes in improving the appearance of your teeth. To do this, a cosmetic dentist performs a variety of procedures, which include teeth whitening, dental veneers, teeth shaping, and orthodontic treatments. Another procedure cosmetic dentists use is called tooth bonding. If you're interested in this cosmetic dental procedure, here are three things you should know about tooth bonding.

29 April 2021

How To Recover From A Tooth Extraction

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An extraction is a common procedure, especially among adults. When a tooth cannot be saved, your dentist will recommend an extraction. Your dentist will do their best to minimize the amount of pain that you feel during an extraction. Extractions are usually straightforward, but there are some things that you need to do after the procedure to ensure that your gum heals promptly. Follow these steps to ensure proper recovery.  

18 March 2021

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Visiting A Different Family Dental Clinic

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You might have moved to a new area or simply decided that you weren't happy with your old dental practice anymore for some reason, so you might have decided to schedule an appointment with a different family dental clinic. Your first appointment at a different clinic might make you feel a little bit nervous, but if you avoid these mistakes, everything should go just fine. Not Getting to Your Appointment Early

3 February 2021