3 Dental Tips to Keep Your Fillings in Good Condition

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You pay a lot for your dental work, especially for your fillings because they are so common. Because of this, you want to make sure that your fillings not only last, but stay in excellent condition. This stops the cavity from returning and spreading throughout the rest of the tooth. 1. Avoid Hard or Sticky Foods In order to avoid accidentally ripping off your entire filling or small pieces of your filling, you should most definitely avoid foods that are either very hard or sticky.

16 December 2017

4 Things You Should Do Following Corrective Jaw Surgery During The First Week

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If you have corrective jaw surgery scheduled, how you take care of yourself will determine how quickly you heal from your surgery. #1 Schedule A Post-Operative Visit You need to schedule a post-operative visit with your surgeon to make sure that everything is healing up well and that your body is responding to the surgery as it should. You should have a follow-up visit within a week of your surgery. If you have any questions about your recovery, you should feel free to call your doctor with any follow-up care instructions that you need.

18 November 2017

Does Your Elderly Parent Have Horrible Breath? What To Do

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Caring for your elderly parent is something that you do out of love and concern, and if you can barely tolerate the odor coming from their mouth or the smell of their rotting teeth, it's time to get them to the dentist. You don't want their quality of life to be lessened because of their oral health, or have them suffer because they don't want to spend money on dental care.

26 October 2017

A Guide To Getting Dental Crowns

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When you need any sort of dental work, leave yourself open to receiving nothing but the best. This means touching base with the most highly qualified dental professionals and having them give you stellar service that will make your teeth look great and protect them long term. In this regard, dental crowns are a type of dentistry that many people turn to when they need to fix some ailments and issues.

24 September 2017

4 Flossing Fails To Fix

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Proper brushing and regular visits to your dentist are essential tasks to  have a healthy smile. However, flossing is also an important step in removing food, plaque, and bacteria from your mouth, teeth, and gums. Unfortunately, most people do not place time and energy into this key part of oral hygiene. While surprising, this simple tasks can reduce the risk of harsh dental problems that can be painful and costly to repair.

1 September 2017

Tips For Living With Braces As An Adult

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The ideal time to get a dental brace from a cosmetic dentist is when you are young, but anybody (including adults) can benefit from dental straightening offered by braces. It's just that as an adult, you should be prepared for the challenges of braces so that you can benefit from the treatment. These are some of the things to prepare for if you are contemplating dental braces as an adult:

2 August 2017

Three Common Causes Of Dental Pain

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If you experience any kind of dental pain, it's important to know what you can do about it before getting it addressed by your local dentist. Since most dental pain is an indicator of a small problem, you can usually correct it on your own. Here are three common causes of dental pain and what you can do about them: Swelling: If there is swelling in your mouth, it's usually coming from the gums, which is a sign that there is an infection.

18 July 2017

Need A New Dentist? Two Tips To Help You Make The Right Choice

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Looking for a new dentist can sometimes seem like quite a chore.  You know it's about so much more than just finding a dental professional that has the right bedside manner because this person will be caring for your teeth and gums, as well as those of your family members. Because of this, it's absolutely vital that you go into the search with a good idea of what to seek out.

20 June 2017

3 Ways To Make Going To The Dentist Easier On Your Child With Special Needs

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If you have an autistic child or a child with sensory disorders, you know that they need to have a regular routine. You also know that their routine can be stressful enough, but adding in any triggers can lead to a full meltdown. A visit to the dentist can cause a lot of problems, not only because they are out of their routine, but also because there are all sorts of triggers there, including loud noises and bright lights.

25 May 2017

Understanding Dental Instruments: Explorers

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Many people avoid making regular trips to the dentist out of fear. A lot of this fear is tied to a less than adequate understanding of the various types of procedures and tools that are employed during the average dental visit. If you would like to help allay such fears by increasing your understanding of basic dentistry instruments, read on. Dental Explorers Dental explorers are a category of tool that is fairly faithful to their name: they are used to help your dentist explore the inside of your mouth, with the ultimate goal of locating any cavities or other problem areas.

9 May 2017