Have You Considered A Flipper Tooth?

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A so-called flipper tooth can be an affordable option for those with missing teeth that need a quick way to fill the gap. These teeth are provided by your dentist and have both some benefits and some issues you should know about before you make the decision. To help you know both the good and bad points of a flipper, read on.

What Is a Flipper Tooth?

These teeth are meant to appear like a natural tooth but can be removed for cleaning. They are usually made of inexpensive acrylic, but they can be shaded to blend in with your natural teeth, and most people won't notice any obvious differences in a flipper and a natural tooth. They usually consist of the front tooth area with an upper that fits in the back made of pink material that mimics your natural gums. This gum plate is custom made to fit flush against your gums for comfort and appearances. Flippers can be used anywhere, but many people use them to hide missing front teeth that would be the most visible to others.

The Good Things About a Flipper

  1. They are relatively inexpensive. When you consider how much an implant or dental bridge costs, flippers are often available at under $500.
  2. They can be made pretty quickly and often can be ready in as little as a couple of days. If your dentist has to remove a tooth due to damage or decay, the flipper can be ordered that same day and be ready quickly to cover the gap. Contrast that to implants that take months to do.
  3. They look natural and feel comfortable. Being embarrassed about a missing tooth can create a host of self-esteem issues and make some feel lonely and depressed. This simple solution helps people feel more confident and self-assured.
  4. They provide stability for your other teeth. Most people know by now that missing teeth can have a negative effect on other healthy teeth. A flipper fills the space and prevents other teeth from shifting around as they would with a missing tooth. This keeps your teeth in alignment and even helps prevent loose teeth that might cause gum disease.

The Bad Things About a Flipper

None of the below are actually bad, but are simply issues you should consider:

  1. They are made of inexpensive materials and might be more prone to damage and breakage.
  2. Users must remember to remove the flipper for cleaning each day. Not doing so could create bacterial growth that leads to decay and gum disease.
  3. They can loosen over time and need to be adjusted.

To find out if a flipper fits your needs, speak to your local dental services


21 August 2019

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