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Dental veneers have improved since their inception. Today's veneers look natural and last a long time. Veneers can transform the appearance of your teeth, and they are worth considering if you have discolored teeth, chips, cracks, or teeth that don't match. One reason veneers have a natural appearance is because of the way they are made. Porcelain is often used for making these dental shells. Here's why porcelain is the ideal material for veneers.

The Advantages Of Porcelain Veneers

Your dentist can also use resin veneers, but they stain more easily than porcelain. You probably want your veneers to look natural and not to become stained and ugly. Porcelain helps with both of those. The material doesn't stain easily and it looks a lot like natural enamel. Porcelain has depth and a translucent nature that allows it to reflect light much like natural enamel. Resin, on the other hand, has a flat appearance. Plus, porcelain is a durable material that should last for many years.

How Porcelain Veneers Are Made

There are different ways to make porcelain veneers. The traditional way is when your dentist makes an impression of your teeth and then has the veneers custom made for you in a lab. This process involves two visits, and you may need to have temporary veneers put on as part of the process. A different approach is when your dentist makes the veneers in the office while you wait. Instead of taking impressions of your teeth, a computer is used to create CAD files that can be used to make the veneers by a computerized machine. This allows you to have veneers completed in one day, and they are often called same-day veneers. A third option is the no-prep veneers. These are made of porcelain that is less brittle and thinner than traditional veneers, so the dentist can apply and shape them in the office.

No matter how they're made, porcelain veneers are customized to match the color of your other teeth and blend in with them when it comes to length and width. The lab or dentist takes care to shape the veneers so they look like natural teeth. Whether the veneers are made in a lab or by your dentist, they can be altered before they are permanently applied. This gives your dentist complete control over the color, shading, and shape of the veneers to make sure they are perfect for your smile before they are cemented in place.


23 May 2019

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