Are You Ready To Cover Up Stained Teeth In Your 60s? 3 Tips To Increase Your Comfort While Getting Veneers

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You've taken care of your teeth over the years, and you are fortunate to be able to enjoy having your natural teeth right there in your smile zone. However, even with the best of brushing and flossing, you've still developed some stains on your teeth that are unsightly. Stains on your teeth are common as you age, and there eventually comes a point when habits such as enjoying coffee or red wine catch up with you. Fortunately, you don't have to let stained teeth cause you to look older. Instead, you can use these tips to make covering up the stains with veneers a simple process.

Choose Your Best Time of Day

One of the best things about cosmetic dentistry is that you have a little more leeway regarding when you schedule your appointment. Unlike when you are dealing with a toothache, you don't have to rush. This means that you can select the time and day that feels best for you. Do you prefer to get things done first thing in the morning? If so, schedule an early morning appointment so that you can move on with your day. Alternatively, you might find that you prefer doing a dental procedure after you have time to eat, especially if you take medication. 

Pack a Few Supplies

Dentists today use many different techniques to increase patients' comfort. However, you may still prefer to bring a few things of your own if you have health concerns. For instance, a rolled up blanket is a great thing to have to help prevent back pain after laying down in the chair for too long. Alternatively, you may prefer to have some headphones to help drown out the noise of the dentist's equipment.

Discuss Your Options for Veneers

Veneers have come a long way since they were first introduced. Dentists can now choose from different materials, such as porcelain and composite resin, to give you the look you desire. They also have the option of using thinner veneers that require less of your enamel to be removed. Painless veneers are among these options, and you can eliminate the possibility of experiencing discomfort by telling your dentist that you prefer this option.

While you might not be able to eliminate all of the stains on your teeth with brushing alone, you can cover them up with cosmetic dentistry. Veneers often feel like an instant face lift, and knowing how to feel good in the chair helps you get ready to make your appointment.


22 March 2019

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