How To Get Your Kids Into The Dentist For A Dental Filling

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If you have a young kid who has a cavity, then your dentist may recommend that they get a dental filling. When anyone gets a cavity it's essentially a hole in their tooth that's caused by decay. However, when you get a tooth filling it fills in that hole so that it doesn't get worse and so that bacteria doesn't enter inside of it. If, however, you are having a hard time getting your little one into the dentist to get their cavity filled with a tooth filing, then this article is just the thing for you. To make sure that they get their filling and that their cavity doesn't get worse, this article will list a few—hopefully helpful—tips for you to look at. Are you interested in learning a little bit more? If so, read on. 


If your child has something to look forward to after they get their tooth filled then they are more likely to go into the dentist. For instance, you could have them go to the toy store and pick out a quick five-dollar toy and then tell them that they get to play with it after their appointment. Or, you could also take them somewhere fun, like to the movies, afterwards because some kids tend to like experiences more than they like presents. 

Talk About It

The unknown is something that's really scary for kids of any age. Try to talk to your child about the tooth filling procedure before their appointment; that way they have more of an idea of what they can expect from it. Just make sure that you describe it in a way that doesn't sound scary. For instance, you can tell them that the dentist will give them laughing gas, which will make them feel really silly. Then you can tell them after the laughing gas is done that they won't feel a thing except for a slight amount of pressure. 

It can be hard to get your kids to brush their teeth, but it can be that much harder to get them to go into the dentist to sit in a dental chair. If your child has a cavity, make sure that you get them into the dentist as soon as possible to have it professionally filled. Remember that the longer you wait to get it done, the more likely it is that the problem is going to get worse. 


28 December 2018

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Hi, my name is Kevin Nelson and I want to tell you about my experience. I had a painful tooth so I went to see my dentist. After the examination, he said that I needed to have a root canal to save the tooth. I told the dentist to just pull the tooth instead and then he explained why that wasn't a good idea. He said that pulling the tooth would cause additional problems and then he told me what could happen. I didn't want any more problems, so the dentist did the root canal and I'm glad that he did. I wanted to write a blog to tell others about the benefits of a root canal and what to expect during the procedure. I hope that by getting the word out, other people won't make the same mistake that I almost did by getting a perfectly good tooth pulled.