The Pros And Cons Of Implant-Based Dentures

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One of the newest forms of dentures are implant-based dentures. Just like teeth implants, implant-based dentures rely on anchors that are adhered to the jaw bone to help hold the dentures in place. If you are in need of dentures, you may wonder if this type is ideal for you. There are pros and cons to implant-based dentures. Learning about these pros and cons will help you to determine if they may be right for you. 

The Cons of Implant-Based Dentures

  • Not Everyone Is a Candidate

The biggest downside to implant-based dentures is that not everyone is a candidate. If you are not a candidate for tooth implants, you would not be one for implant-based dentures. You need to have a jaw bone that is not too dense to hold the implant in place. If your jaw bone has deteriorated due to age or tooth loss, or if you have certain health conditions and cannot be safely sedated, this option may not be ideal for you. 

  • There is a Risk of Infection

The other disadvantage to implant-based dentures is that there is a risk of infection. A surgical procedure is done to place the anchors, also called posts. During the healing process there is always a risk of infection. If you are extremely susceptible to infections or have a compromised immune system, regular implants may be better for you. 

The Pros of Implant-Based Dentures

  • They Hold the Dentures Firmly in Place

The top benefit to implant-based dentures is that the anchor holds the dentures firmly in place. You do not have to rely on adhesives and glues to hold your teeth in place. Many people worry about their dentures slipping, especially later in the day when their adhesive wears off. This is not a concern when you have this type of denture. 

  • You Can Eat the Foods You Want

The other advantage to implant-based dentures is that you can eat the foods you want. When you have regular dentures, you have to be careful about the foods you eat. Certain foods can cause the dentures to move or shift, or the dentures may push down onto your gums with large or hard foods. The anchor helps to support the weight of the denture and prevent it from slipping, allowing a denture wearer to eat the foods they like without discomfort or worry. 

There are pros and cons to implant-based dentures. They are ideal for some people, and not ideal for others. Ultimately, taking the time to learn more about these dentures and talking to either your dentist, denturist, or prosthodontist will help you determine if they are a good fit for you. 


17 July 2018

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