Is A Smile Makeover Right For You? Read This To Find Out!

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A smile makeover can dramatically change your smile -- and in fact, your entire appearance. Smile makeovers actually consist of multiple dental treatments and procedures, and each patient's smile makeover can be different according to their specific appearance goals. If you want a beautiful new smile, a smile makeover might be right for you. Ask yourself these questions to find out. 

What Type of Smile Improvement do You Want?

A smile makeover is best suited for patients who want cosmetic smile improvement rather than functional improvement, although some cosmetic procedures can have the side benefit of improving function. Some of the treatments and procedures that may be included in a smile makeover can include: 

  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain or porcelain composite crowns
  • Porcelain or porcelain composite veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges
  • Teeth aligning systems like Invisalign

If the procedures above are what you had in mind, you may be on the right track in thinking a smile makeover can give you the results you want.

How is Your Oral Health Overall?

Smile makeover candidates must be in good overall health. In particular, you must have a healthy jaw and healthy gum tissue. If your jaw is damaged, if you have a portion of jaw bone missing, or if your gums are significantly receding, you may not have enough of a support system for the smile makeover. This is especially important in smile makeovers that include dental implants. Since dental implants are implanted into the jaw, a healthy jaw is crucial for long term support.

Similarly, healthy gums provide support for the teeth replacements, and if they're receding the implants may become unstable. Your gums can only handle the chemicals they're exposed to during teeth whitening if they're healthy. If you have advanced gum disease, this must be addressed before the gums are exposed to anything that could worsen the problem.

If your smile makeover includes dental crowns or veneers, healthy teeth are also a must. Your dentist will typically recommend covering a tooth with a crown or veneer only if it's healthy to start with. If you have cavities or need a procedure like a root canal, this must be done before the tooth can be covered with a crown or veneer.

Are You Ready For a Multi-Step Treatment Process?

The majority of smile makeovers require several steps at a minimum. During your consultation with the dentist, you can discuss your goals and you can learn how many steps could be required. Usually, you'll need to return at least 2-3 more times to get the different treatments and for the dentist to monitor your progress. Therefore, you can expect your smile makeover to take at least a few months from start to finish. Your dentist can give you a more exact timeframe based on your specific procedures.

If the questions above revealed that a smile makeover might be right for you, contact a cosmetic dentist, such as at Sun Dental , to ask about getting started today!


18 March 2018

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