Advice To Follow When Getting Braces

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If you are looking into braces, you want to learn what you can about what to expect with regards to the feelings you will be dealing with and all the other issues that come from having them on your teeth. The information here will make sure you are better prepared when you finally decide to go through with getting them.

Expect some discomfort in the beginning

When the braces first get put in place, they will put a lot of pressure on your teeth and you won't be used to this feeling. It will be uncomfortable and even quite painful at times. However, the good news is that you can expect this feeling to subside after about a few days and an over-the-counter pain reducer will help you to keep it under control. You can expect to go through this discomfort again when you go in to have the bands tightened periodically.

Don't wait for cuts in your mouth to protect it

Your dentist should give you some dental wax to put on your braces when they start rubbing against parts of your mouth. If you wait until your mouth becomes painfully irritated by the rubbing of the braces, then you will hurt until the sores and cuts heal. Instead, it is a good idea to put wax on the braces as soon as you notice that the sharp areas of them are coming into frequent contact with specific areas in your mouth.

In order to apply the wax, you will take a small amount of it and roll it in your fingers until it becomes a soft ball. Gently push it on the braces so it covers the part that is touching. Don't press it down too much, or the braces will simply poke through and it won't do its job.

Always be prepared to brush your teeth

Make sure you carry a tooth brush with you wherever you go. It will be important for you to brush your teeth every time you have eaten something. If you don't, then parts of food will get stuck in the brackets and wires of the braces and stay there. This can cause you to have some pretty bad breath, as well as lead to an extensive amount of plaque buildup and even extra staining that may have otherwise been avoidable. They sell travel sized toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste that are great for this.


23 February 2018

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