3 Things to Discuss at Your Child's First Dentist Appointment

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You'll eventually need to take your child in to the dentist to have their very first appointment. As you get ready for that first visit, you'll most likely be wondering what sort of questions you should be asking the dentist. Here are three things worth discussing with your dentist.

Does My Child Need a Fluoride Treatment?

Many oral-health products contain fluoride, since it is designed to help make teeth strong and resist cavities. When you go to a dentist, it is worth asking them about treating your child's teeth with fluoride for additional protection. Fluoride could be what helps them avoid getting a cavity when they may not be the best at brushing their teeth.

In addition, ask about additional ways that your child can be exposed to fluoride. Your dentist may have a recommendation for a kid-friendly toothpaste that contains fluoride or mouth rinses that can provide additional protection when used at home.

Is My Child Flossing Properly?

Even as an adult, you may not know whether you are flossing correctly and passing along bad habits to your child. Have your child demonstrate to the dentist how they floss at home and see whether they can get a few pointers to improve their flossing technique.

A common mistake is to use a sawing motion going back and forth between the teeth, causing the floss to dig into the gums sideways. When your child is old enough, have the dentist show your child how to use an up and down motion that wraps around each side of their teeth, getting rid of plaque that could be hiding underneath the gums.

Does My Child Need an Inspection for Orthodontics?

The dentist will be getting a good look at your child's mouth and may be able to identify problems that can be corrected early on. Ask about having their teeth inspected for the potential need of orthodontics. While slanted teeth may be an obvious concern, you may have trouble noticing things like overbites and underbites or speech problems that are dental related. If your child grinds their teeth, ask the dentist about this as well. They can look for signs of damage that the grinding may be causing.

These are just a few questions that you may have for your dentist at your child's first dentist appointment. By finding a great dentist in your area, they will be able to work with you and your child to ensure that the appointment is a success.

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18 January 2017

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