3 Reasons To See A Dentist Regularly

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Many people think that it is unnecessary to go to the dentist for their biannual cleanings and checkups because they don't feel any pain in their teeth. Thus, they assume that their teeth are healthy and don't need any care. This couldn't be more from the truth. There are many problems that you can't see or feel, which is why you should be seeing the dentist often. Here are some reasons to go to your dentist.

1. They Will Watch Over Certain Teeth

When you see the dentist often, they can watch your teeth to see how they are deteriorating. For instance, you might go the dentist and they see that there is a little decay, but it has yet to reach the dentin, or the actual tooth. They can put a watch on the tooth so that by the next appointment they can check it again to see if the decay has progressed. This way they can catch cavities so early that it will be a simple fix rather than a major problem if the decay goes undetected for months or years.

2. They Can Check For Gum Diseases

Another reason to see the dentist often is to check on your gums. Many people think that the only reason to see the dentist is to check your teeth. This is not necessarily the truth. Instead, they are checking your teeth and your gums. Gum diseases aren't always painful. You won't know that you have a problem unless you see the dentist often.

The dentist will go through and check the health of your gums and can detect something like cancer of the gums and the mouth before the problem becomes too severe.

3. You Avoid Paying More In The Long Run

One reason many people avoid going to the dentist is because of money. They may feel like they can't afford to pay for fillings or for the x-rays and cleanings. However, what you may not understand is that the cost that you will pay for preventative work will be nothing compared to serious dental work. If you ignore a dental problem, it won't just go away — it will become worse and worse, until eventually you need major intervention. The amount that you will pay for simple dental care, like a filling, will be far less than a root canal or a tooth extraction.

These are just three reasons that you should see a dentist regularly. 


4 October 2016

The Reasons Why You Should Get A Root Canal

Hi, my name is Kevin Nelson and I want to tell you about my experience. I had a painful tooth so I went to see my dentist. After the examination, he said that I needed to have a root canal to save the tooth. I told the dentist to just pull the tooth instead and then he explained why that wasn't a good idea. He said that pulling the tooth would cause additional problems and then he told me what could happen. I didn't want any more problems, so the dentist did the root canal and I'm glad that he did. I wanted to write a blog to tell others about the benefits of a root canal and what to expect during the procedure. I hope that by getting the word out, other people won't make the same mistake that I almost did by getting a perfectly good tooth pulled.