2 Tips To Make It Easier For You To Drink Following Orthognathic Surgery

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After orthognathic surgery, it is important to drink as much water and other fluids as possible. This will not only ensure that you remain hydrated, but this will help to ensure that your mouth is able to heal properly after the surgery. Lack of eating or drinking immediately after surgery will only end up prolonging your healing process. After the surgery is complete, you will experience numbness and swelling around your mouth area. This can make it extremely difficult to drink water and your favorite juices as you normally would. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use in order to make the drinking process a little easier for you after your oral surgery.

Drink Only a Little Bit at A Time

If you try to gulp down a tall glass of water immediately after surgery, then you may end up spitting it back out. It will be almost impossible for you to swallow a large amount of water at once without hurting yourself. In order to make this easier, you should consume beverages in small doses. Fill your cup with a few tablespoons of the fluid of your choice, then pour the contents of the cup into your mouth by tilting your head back. This will prevent you from straining your surgical site and the other areas around your mouth. In addition, you can use a straw to help manage how much liquid enters your mouth. However, it is important to avoid sucking too hard as the suction caused from the straw can reopen your wounds.

Use a Syringe to Inject Fluid into Your Mouth

If your mouth and jaw area are extremely sore, numb, and swollen following the surgery, then using a cup or straw may still be uncomfortable. Instead, you can transfer fluid into your mouth using a syringe. Pick up a syringe with a rubber extender and insert the syringe into the back of your mouth. This requires very little effort from you except for swallowing. This technique can take a little longer; therefore, it is important not to rush to ensure that your body gets enough fluid throughout the day. As you begin to notice that the numbness and swelling subside then you can switch to using a cup.

Performing basic tasks like drinking, during the first few weeks after an orthognathic operation can seem daunting. Therefore, use these tips to help make getting fluids into your body a lot easier.

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29 August 2016

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