Two Of Your Questions About Fixing Tooth Decay with Bonding Answered

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Suffering from severe tooth decay can create a host of problems for your mouth. From crumbling and decaying teeth to severe discoloration, the cosmetic and functional problems that can be caused by tooth decay may have a significant impact on your life. Luckily, there are options, notably tooth bonding, for those that are suffering from advanced tooth decay to correct the functional and cosmetic issues created by this problem. 

What Are Your Cosmetic Options For A Tooth That Has Severely Decayed?

Many patients may assume that there is nothing that can be done to correct the cosmetic problems caused by severe decay without extracting the tooth and replacing it. While this is always an option that can be pursued, it is usually not the best available treatment option because extracting the tooth can cause major damage to the jawbone. 

Once the structural decay has been stopped and the tooth has been strengthened, there are numerous ways that the tooth can be repaired. One of the more overlooked options is the use of tooth bondings. These bonds are essentially a porcelain paste that is bonded to the surface of the tooth, and this material will help restore the tooth's natural shape while also have a strong resemblance to the natural enamel. 

Will Teeth Bondings Require Any Type Of Special Maintenance? `    

If you opt for a bonding, you may wonder whether or not it will require special maintenance. Luckily, you should be relieved to know that tooth bondings require almost nothing special that you will need to do on a regular basis. 

Outside of regularly brushing and flossing, you will only need to have these inspected during your routine dental visits. These inspections are intended to make sure that the bonding is firmly attached to the teeth. After many years, it is possible for the bonding to start to come loose, and when this happens, your dentist will need to replace the bonding.

Tooth decay has the potential to ruin your smile, and while this problem is relatively routine, it is commonly misunderstood by many patients. If you are not well informed about your options for correcting these issues, you may find correcting this damage to be extremely stressful. Luckily, understanding the role of porcelain bonding in correcting this damage and that bondings are low maintenance should help you to better understand the full range of options that are available for fixing your smile. In addition to reducing the stress and confusion of this process, you will find it easier to restore your smile to the look you want. Talk to a dentist, such as those at Associated Dental Center, LLC, today to discuss your options.


2 July 2015

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