An Inexpensive Grocery Store List To Help Stop Post-Procedure Cosmetic Dentistry Pain

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If you are having a major cosmetic dental procedure in the near future, then there are some inexpensive things that you should purchase at your local grocery store to help control any post-procedure pain you may have. Here is a shopping list of natural, inexpensive, and safe pain-relieving items you can buy at any grocery store prior to your dental work.

Baking Soda

Baking soda doesn't taste very good, but it is very helpful for dental pain. To apply baking soda to your gums, simply dip a cotton swab in the baking soda and apply it to the area you feel pain.

Note: You should not use baking soda for dental purposes if you are on a salt-restricted diet without speaking to your dentist first.


Cucumbers are a natural remedy for dental pain. To sooth your pain, simply slice a cucumber and place the slice on your painful tooth. If your tooth is not sensitive to cold, you can use a refrigerated cucumber slice on the tooth and the cool temperature will help the pain as well.


Salt is just as effective for treating dental pain as it is for alleviating the pain of a sore throat. Mix some salt in warm water and swish it around in your mouth. Do not swallow the saltwater.

If you are on a salt-restricted diet, you should ask your cosmetic dentist before gargling with saltwater. 

Sesame Seeds

Those tiny seeds found on most hamburger buns, sesame seeds, contain seven different pain-relieving compounds. To make a pain relieving tea, boil one cup of sesame seeds with three cups of water. Use the resulting tea directly on the areas of your mouth that are painful. Make sure to cool the tea before you use it to prevent burns. You can dispose of the seeds in your garden's compost pile.

Frozen Peas

Finally, a bag of frozen peas might not be your favorite food item, but it works wonders for a sore cheek and jaw. Drop the bag of peas on your counter and it will become a very flexible ice pack that will retain its cold for a long time. If you lay with the bag of peas on a pillow, it will mold all around your face and provide you with a lot of pain relief.

If you are concerned about pain from your upcoming cosmetic dentistry procedure, then you should speak with your cosmetic dentist, like those at Wallington Dental, about your concerns prior to your procedure.


27 May 2015

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