Learn How To Take Proper Care Of Your Braces

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If you're going to be getting braces from a place like Crest Hill Family Dental, you want to know how to take care of them. The orthodontist will give you some general information on how to take care of your braces, but that information may not give you all the advice you're going to need for the long haul. Reading the information below will help you to learn about different ways you can properly care for your braces.

Stay away from certain foods

When you first get your braces on, you want to stay away from sticky foods and foods that can become easily stuck in your braces, such as steak. Once you have had your braces on for a while, you'll start to figure out the foods you can get away with eating and which foods definitely cause you problems. The best thing you can do is steer clear of those problem foods.

There are some foods you want to completely stay away from until you get your braces off. A couple perfect examples of these foods include gum and taffy. No matter how long you have had your braces, these foods will stick to your braces and cause you a lot of problems.

Brush your teeth often

While it's always important to brush your teeth, when you have braces you want to make it a point to brush your teeth after a meal. The braces provide food with many places to get trapped and this can lead to an excess buildup of plaque. When you have braces it's a good idea to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in your car so you can brush your teeth if you eat out.

Thoroughly clean your teeth daily

You want to floss even though you have braces on. This will take some getting used to and you will need to use a different technique. You'll need to thread the floss under the wire of your braces then work the floss up and down. You also want to use a dental wire brush to clean right under the wires, between the braces to remove buildup.

Use mouthwash at night

Using mouthwash at night is a great way to make sure your mouth is nice and clean before you go to bed. You want to use mouthwash that specifies it removes plaque and swish it around your mouth for two minutes.

When you take good care of your teeth and your braces, you'll see that the end result will be well worth the effort. Once you get your braces off you'll have the smile you've always wanted.


12 November 2014

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