Missing Tooth: Reasons You Need To Replace It

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Whether your tooth fell out or you had it pulled out, you need to find a way to replace it. You have several options for replacing your missing tooth, but you may be wondering why it is important to do so. By taking the opportunity to learn more about the consequences of not replacing your missing tooth, you will have better understanding of why you need to replace it as soon as possible.

Drifting Teeth

When one tooth is missing, it allows your other teeth to move. This issue is referred to as tooth drifting and it is the result of your teeth moving into a different direction.

For most people, the biggest issue is the look of their teeth or aesthetic appearance. This means that the alignment of your teeth shifts, which allows some teeth to turn sideways or you can develop large gaps between your teeth. Drifting teeth can also lead to other issues that are more serious than just affecting the look of your smile.

Eating Issues

One consequence of drifting teeth is the inability to chew your food properly, which creates an issue with your eating. When your bite is misaligned, you can have a problem chewing foods and your mouth may not produce enough saliva to help break down all the foods you do eat.

For example, if you are missing a back molar, you will have a hard time with foods like meats and vegetables that require a lot of grinding and saliva to digest them properly. When you cannot eat certain foods because of missing teeth, your body does not get the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Bone Loss

The biggest concern, other than eating issues, is the fact that your jawbone will shrink. This shrinkage starts right after the tooth comes out and your jawbone will continue to reduce in size as time goes on.

Most people will lose 25% of their jawbones width in the first year alone. The height of the bone can also decrease by 4 millimeters over a span of a few years after the tooth is extracted. As the bone recedes, it will affect the structure of mouth, which can cause eating issues and change the way your face looks.  

When you have a missing tooth, you need to find a way to replace it so you can avoid certain health issues. It is best to consult your dentist, so you can find out which replacement options will work best for your situation. They can discuss the pros and cons of options, such as dental implants, dentures, or bridges, with you. 


11 November 2014

The Reasons Why You Should Get A Root Canal

Hi, my name is Kevin Nelson and I want to tell you about my experience. I had a painful tooth so I went to see my dentist. After the examination, he said that I needed to have a root canal to save the tooth. I told the dentist to just pull the tooth instead and then he explained why that wasn't a good idea. He said that pulling the tooth would cause additional problems and then he told me what could happen. I didn't want any more problems, so the dentist did the root canal and I'm glad that he did. I wanted to write a blog to tell others about the benefits of a root canal and what to expect during the procedure. I hope that by getting the word out, other people won't make the same mistake that I almost did by getting a perfectly good tooth pulled.