3 Ways Upper Digestive Problems Can Harm Your Oral Health

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While the most common symptoms of upper digestive problems include upset stomach, esophageal pain, and heartburn, they can also lead to problems with your teeth and gums, and even with your affordable braces. One of the most common disorders of the upper digestive system is acid reflux disease. Here are three ways acid reflux disease can lead to problems with your oral health, and what you can do about them:

20 June 2018

3 Reasons Your Abscess Is Not Healing

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If you have a severe dental infection known as an abscess, your dentist may recommend that you take antibiotics. While they are typically effective in resolving oral infections, they may not clear your infection entirely. This can cause problems if you have dental restorations or if you wear braces because a resistant, ongoing infection in your mouth can lead to ill-fitting dental appliances or a systemic, body-wide infection. Here are three reasons your abscess may not be healing and what you can do about them:

23 May 2018

Side-Effect Alert: Your Healthy Teeth May Be Threatened By Your Necessary Medications

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Many people need to take certain medications, in order to be healthy; however, many of those prescriptions can actually cause severe oral health issues. Don't be caught off guard by this potentially devastating issue, stay one step ahead of it, instead. What Medications May Be Causing Your Oral Health Issues Unfortunately, the medicine you need to stay healthy may wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. Ask your physician about the side-effects and see if there aren't any alternatives to what you're taking.

12 April 2018

Is A Smile Makeover Right For You? Read This To Find Out!

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A smile makeover can dramatically change your smile -- and in fact, your entire appearance. Smile makeovers actually consist of multiple dental treatments and procedures, and each patient's smile makeover can be different according to their specific appearance goals. If you want a beautiful new smile, a smile makeover might be right for you. Ask yourself these questions to find out.  What Type of Smile Improvement do You Want? A smile makeover is best suited for patients who want cosmetic smile improvement rather than functional improvement, although some cosmetic procedures can have the side benefit of improving function.

18 March 2018

Advice To Follow When Getting Braces

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If you are looking into braces, you want to learn what you can about what to expect with regards to the feelings you will be dealing with and all the other issues that come from having them on your teeth. The information here will make sure you are better prepared when you finally decide to go through with getting them. Expect some discomfort in the beginning When the braces first get put in place, they will put a lot of pressure on your teeth and you won't be used to this feeling.

23 February 2018

Why It's Important To Repair That Broken Tooth

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If you have broken one of your teeth that isn't right in the front, then you may be considering putting off having it fixed. You may be thinking that you can smile smaller and it won't be seen, you can chew carefully and it won't make a difference, you can avoid sitting in that dental chair and you can put off spending the money. However, there are many reasons why you should go in and have it taken care of right away and you can learn about some of them here:

22 January 2018

3 Dental Tips to Keep Your Fillings in Good Condition

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You pay a lot for your dental work, especially for your fillings because they are so common. Because of this, you want to make sure that your fillings not only last, but stay in excellent condition. This stops the cavity from returning and spreading throughout the rest of the tooth. 1. Avoid Hard or Sticky Foods In order to avoid accidentally ripping off your entire filling or small pieces of your filling, you should most definitely avoid foods that are either very hard or sticky.

16 December 2017