4 Great Reasons To Choose Immediate Dentures

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Tooth extraction can sound alarming. You may be concerned about the pain or how you will chew after the procedure, especially if you're getting several teeth removed at once. Immediate dentures can take some of the worry off your mind. As the name suggests, same day dentures are given to you at the end of your tooth extraction procedure. There are many benefits to this approach to dentures. Here are just a few of the reasons you should opt for same day partial dentures:

22 July 2019

Are White Spots On Your Kid's Teeth Cavities?

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If you're a diligent parent, chances are you check your child's teeth on a regular basis. After all, while you're not a dentist, it's up to a parent to notice early problems and to get your child to the dentist, when problems occur. If you've noticed that your child's adult teeth are coming in and have white spots on them, you might be concerned about whether or not your child is developing cavities.

26 June 2019

All About Porcelain Veneers

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Dental veneers have improved since their inception. Today's veneers look natural and last a long time. Veneers can transform the appearance of your teeth, and they are worth considering if you have discolored teeth, chips, cracks, or teeth that don't match. One reason veneers have a natural appearance is because of the way they are made. Porcelain is often used for making these dental shells. Here's why porcelain is the ideal material for veneers.

23 May 2019

What Patients Need To Know About Sedation Dentistry

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Going to the dentist knowing you're about to have a procedure performed can be an anxiety-inducing event. Some folks are happy to tell the doctor to put them under, while others aren't thrilled about losing a sense of control. There are plenty of cases that call for sedation dentistry, and it's good to know whether yours might be one of them. Procedures That May Be Painful Subjecting a patient to a level of pain is somewhat implied in the dental trade, but pain levels can cross the line at which they cease to be manageable.

24 April 2019

Are You Ready To Cover Up Stained Teeth In Your 60s? 3 Tips To Increase Your Comfort While Getting Veneers

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You've taken care of your teeth over the years, and you are fortunate to be able to enjoy having your natural teeth right there in your smile zone. However, even with the best of brushing and flossing, you've still developed some stains on your teeth that are unsightly. Stains on your teeth are common as you age, and there eventually comes a point when habits such as enjoying coffee or red wine catch up with you.

22 March 2019

Control Your Fear Of A Tooth Extraction Before And After Treatment

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Going to the dentist is never very easy for those who suffer from anxiety. It can be difficult to even make an appointment for a routine cleaning and checkup. What happens if your tooth needs to be extracted? That could cause your anxiety to soar to new heights. How can you control your fear of a tooth extraction, both before and after the procedure is done? There are a few tips that can really help you.

22 February 2019

What Are Post and Core Dental Crowns?

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The vast majority of dental crowns are caps that are fitted over the top of a prepared tooth. However, this is only possible if there is a good deal of healthy tooth material left to allow for proper adhesion. If the tooth has been significantly damaged and your dentist feels that the root has retained a great deal of strength, then something called a post and core device may be considered.

28 January 2019